These are the results from the latest HackerRank contests!

Rank Name Total Ranking
platinum badge 1 Sauryadeep Pal 68.00
gold badge 1 咩咩 咩咩 55.00
silver badge 1 Daniel Shamsudin 35.56
4 1 Reuben Lee Suppiah 33.00
5 1 Marsha Binti Mohamad Muhsin 24.00
6 1 Ham Wen Hong 20.00
7 1 Chew Xim Rui 17.00
8 1 Deivashree A/P Selva Rajoo 16.00
8 1 Yong Wai Chun 16.00
8 1 Christopher Tan Eng Hao 16.00
8 1 Ali Imran Bin Shahrin 16.00
8 1 Lim Chih Zhen 16.00

This scoreboard will reset after each academic year. Climb the board before it gets refreshed! The next reset is Jun 27, 2021. Which leaves us

until the next reset.

How does this works?

This is a ranking system for IT Society's programming contests. For each semester IT Society Cyberjaya will organize one programming contest on HackerRank. Participants can obtain as much score as possible during the contest. The obtained score will directly contribute to this scoreboard.
Each MMU academic year is a "season" for this scoreboard. It starts at the very beginning of Trimester 1 and will reset at the end of Trimester 3's break (around June/July). The scoreboard will be reset to zero after that and a new round of rankings will begin.

Code Contest

Check out our Events page for more details! Contests are currently open to MMU students with an active student Gmail account only.