We didn’t put a coverpage for our proposals

No Coverpage Needed

Every time you want to organise an event in MMU, whether it’s by a club/society or ad hoc, you have to submit a proposal to STAD, get approved by Mr. Nawi.

Usually the proposal will have cover page (MMU logo + TM Education Group logo + Event title etc), table of contents, objectives, agenda, preparation timeline, budgets, yada yada.

But, you don’t need a cover page.

Here’s the BarCamp proposal we submitted to STAD, and we got it approved under 2 minutes: Read.

And we have been doing the same for other event proposals ever since! The proposals we submit have much less wasteful and pointless practices than the previous ones, we get to save a few pages (read: Coloured), everyone is happy, all iz well.

Proposals are basically just asking for permission to do events. Putting a cover page, fancy or not, won’t affect its chance of approval.

You get approval for putting in sufficient and correct information. You get approval when STAD believes that your event will have positive impact on MMU and its community. You don’t get approval for putting a fancy coloured cover page with MMU and TM Education Group logo.

Of course, this is just one of our many ways to fight wasteful and pointless practices.

If you like what we are doing, consider to join us. We are a bunch of geeks driven to befriend more geeks, grow hacker culture and bring positive impacts to MMU Cyberjaya.