Conduct your workshop with IT Society

Conduct Your Workshop With It Society

A few weeks ago, the amateur web developers over at Hackerspace hosted a series of Intro To Web Dev classes, teaching basic HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

By the end of the series, students were able to make a simple CRUD website with user authentication without using a framework. We did this to help students pick up web development, and hopefully after the workshop they will continue learning to code on their own, saving their asses before graduating.

It wasn’t the first time students took teaching their peers to their own hands, in fact before this, I have myself conducted a small one-night Git introduction, simply because I feel that version control software like Git should be in every professional programmer’s toolbox. Yet Git is not taught in FCI syllabus.

Students conduct workshops on their own all the time, whether they are Microsoft Student Partners, or some ambassadors from xyz inc, without taking a single cent. They did this out of altruism, out of good will.

In IT Society, we appreciate the things you do for the students, and we would love to help you out.

Tell us what and when you want to teach, and we will try our best to provide:

This is not just for MMU students. If you are trainers from outside, we would love to help you out too!

We look forward to what you teach next. Contact us now.