Initial Commit

Initial Commit

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. – J. F. Kennedy

IT Society has came a long way since its inception, and every year we have been conducting various events for students to participate, as well as to act as the bridge between the faculty and the students.

In this term – 2015/16, we have decided to bring on a few changes to IT Society. We have revised our vision, direction, and club objectives. We have amended the constitution. And most of all, we are more ready than ever to make MMU and FCI a better place.

Here are some of the biggest changes that you should know about.

Default Membership System

IT Society’s membership is now granted, by default, to all FCI students, as well as any MMU student who agrees to the new constitution.

Before this, students had to pay RM 5 annual membership fee to become a “member”. But members of ITS are not involved in most events and activities, only the committees. And also, the fund raised from signing up members amount to less than 5% of the funds from STAD.

So we figured the best way to move forward, is to stay true to our original identity as a faculty-based society, and abolished the paid membership system.

New Divisions

By re-examining the problems we intend to solve, we have decided to abolish the 3 old divisions, namely publicity, on-campus, and off-campus, we then formed 4 new divisions:

Outreach and Awareness Division

This division is set out to raise the awareness among FCI students regarding hacker culture and the current technology industry trend of Malaysia.

To do so, we reach out to industry people outside of campus, and then either try to bring them into our campus (like Startup Featurette event), or we bring students out to meet them (like Penang Trip).

We will also run a series of blog posts or podcasts to motivate students to pick up self-hacking. So they can prepare themselves for working world before they graduate.

Skills Development Division

This division aims to improve FCI students’ skill set in programming and app development.

We will be conducting workshop series soon to teach programming beyond the classroom. There will be a series of Ruby on Rails workshops coming up next trimester, and it’s free of charge for all students, so stay tuned!

IT Services Division

Here, we make useful MMU apps for students to use, and open up APIs for students to develop on top of.

Currently, we have Hii’s MMU API. We also have several projects in the pipeline, such as a simple registration system for clubs and societies in MMU. This system will allow MMU students to join partnered clubs whenever they want to, without having to wait for them to set up booth in member registration day. We believe that systems like this will greatly benefit the campus and its citizens.

If you are interested to join the team to make useful apps together, this is the division to be in.

Faculty Engagement Division

As the title suggests, this division is in charge of helping FCI improve by constantly communicating with them on the students’ behalf.

To achieve that, the team will start to do research on the current problems (too much lecture, not enough practical, for example), check out how other universities are doing, and try to come up with a case to push for a change.


We would like to be one of the most transparent and trustworthy clubs in MMU. We do that by posting our projects’ progress on a public Trello board.

Since every student in MMU pays RM 100 as student activities fee, we strongly believe that you deserve to know how we spend that money. So when we start to organise events or fund programmes such as app development, we will post that onto our Trello board too.

Join Us

There has never been a better time to join IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Here are a few ways you can join the society:

Facebook Group

Whether you are student, or staff, or outsiders who want to hire talents, we have create an open community on Facebook for you.


Because of the sheer number of events and projects that we run, we will be needing helps, a lot of helps, even your help.

All 4 divisions are tackling interesting problems in the campus, figure out the ones you would like to get involved in, and check out our job openings.

You will be working with the most passionate self-hackers in the campus, and you will learn a lot.

Have Ideas?

If you don’t wish to commit into ITS, but you have ideas that can make things better. Don’t hesitate to let us know.