Tech Talk Thursday #7 with Y. K. Goon from

Tech Talk Thursday #7

Tech Talk Thursdays is a series of talks and workshops organized by IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. We invite experts from the industry and academia to share with the students about the latest technology trends.

About the talks

In the world of business, nothing is what they appear. Among the many good people hide the treacherous hustlers waiting to exploit you. Take a wrong step and you’ll squander your hard-earned talent in a soul-crushing job. Learn how to spot dangerous people before it’s too late.

Join our talks with Y. K. Goon from and learn how to prevent people out there like Donald Trump take advantage of our talents do something unworthy of our time.

Featuring Speaker

Y.K. Goon has been programming professionally since 2002. He has been in the start up scene in various capacities. Companies he helped build include Zalora, TribeHired and

Event Details

Venue: FCI Lecture Hall – CQMX0001
Date: 1st December 2016
Time: 8p.m. – 9p.m.
Ticketing: Get your ticket at Eventbrite