• Git Workshop

    With Git, you can time travel to an older version of your software project, create development branches so your teammates can work on the same project simultaneously, and share your codes to sites like GitHub so you can stop... Read More

  • Tech Career Week

    IT Career Week is back! Whether you are looking for an internship next trimester, or you wish to secure a full-time employment in IT industry, IT Career Week is for you!

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  • 5 Things We Learnt From Conducting Ruby On Rails Workshop

    Last semester, we have ran an Introduction to Web Development with PHP workshop series in MMU. The objective of the event is not just to teach them how to use PHP to make web apps, but to empower them to self-hack more – to make things on their own.

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  • Where To Start Learning App Development

    So you wanted to learn programming and build the next best thing but you do not know where to get started. Here is the best guide for you to get started. All the resource below is some great resource and tutorial use by our fellow IT Society member when they... Read More

  • No Coverpage Needed

    Every time you want to organise an event in MMU, whether it’s by a club/society or ad hoc, you have to submit a proposal to STAD, get approved by Mr. Nawi.

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